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SREE GOKULAM SNGM CENTRAL SCHOOL is situated in a peaceful atmosphere in the Thuravoor Panchayath, beside the Vembanad Lake. { more }

Plants Garden

Plants Garden

SGPS Attingal takes great pride in sharing the information that we have a great collection of medicinal plants. The school also fosters a vegetable garden to instil life skills among children.The seeds are being sowed and the saplings are being watered by the students with great enthusiasm.

Yes, Gokulites of Attingal are creating a space for plants in their schooling. It is not about the science of gardening but a great way to educate them about their importance. It creates an awareness about our food habits too.

The students voluntarily protect and nurture the garden. A simple effort to get children out of doors and a healthy realism putting more vigour and intensity in to school work…